05.03.2018 - SOURCE CODE Source code updated! Code updated and tagged v3.0. Writer executable replaced with writer library / API. Implementation is based on HEIF standard specification ISO/IEC 23008-12:2017 that is available from web pages.

09.03.2017 - SOURCE CODE Support for multi-layered images added! ISO/IEC 23008-12 second edition includes support for the interchange of multi-layered images. The source code now includes structures that are specified in this second edition. Simple support for AVC is also added. Minor bug fixes are included in this update. Example configuration files for generating multi-layered streams can be found in the Wiki.

24.02.2016 - SOURCE CODE AND WEBSITE UPDATE High Efficiency Image File Format source code and website updated! HEIF source code and website HEIF content is updated to reflect the latest changes in the specification and various format fixes.
Please make sure that you retrieve the latest source code and website HEIF content from GitHub Repository.

21.10.2015 - SPECIFICATION High Efficiency Image File format Specification Draft Text is available The draft text of ISO/IEC FDIS 23008-12: Carriage of Still Image and Image Sequences is now available at MPEG’s site.

21.10.2015 - SOURCE CODE HEIF Writer/Reader Source Code is now available at GitHub The High Efficiency File Format (HEIF) writer and reader source code is now publicly available at GitHub Repository.
It includes the source code of an example HEIF Writer implementation and a HEIF Reader API library which can be used to parse and read HEVC Image Files.

21.10.2015 - JAVASCRIPT IMPLEMENTATION HEIFReader.JS Javascript implementation is now available at GitHub The Javascript implementation of the High Efficiency File Format (HEIF) Reader API is now publicly available at GitHub Repository.
It can be used in conjunction with a HEVC decoder JavaScript library (e.g. libde265.js) and a Javascript Media Player to playback HEVC Image Files.
Examples of such a usage can be found here.