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HEIF files can store:

HEIF files also inherit many properties of ISOBMFF such as edit lists, media alternatives, media data groupings. Moreover, an MP4 file can be “branded” so that it can also contain images and image sequences as well as video and audio (i.e. dual branding)

Still images

Each file contains a high quality still image and its thumbnail:

Image collections

Each file contains multiple still images, just like an album or collection. Album groupings and descriptions can be indicated in the file:

Image bursts

Each file contains a short video, thumbnails of each frame in the video and high quality version of the “selected best shots” from an image burst.

The files are represented in two different modes: 1. Burst images, 2. Video and HD quality images:

Image sequences

Sequence of images can be stored just like Cinemagraphs or Animated GIFs:

Image Derivations

Each file contains derived image information which is composed of other images present in the file.
Such a design drastically increases storage and representation efficiency.
The following HEIF files contain Grid and Overlay derived Image examples and they are marked as the “cover images” of the files:

Auxiliary Image Storage

It is also possible to store helper images such as an alpha mask or depth map along with the original image.
The following example contains a derived image composed of two overlays and one of the images contain a gradient alpha mask to provide gradual transparency:

Stereo image

Stereo image pair can be signalled in file:

Time-synchronized capture

It is possible to signal time-synchronous capture. This can be used, for example, to indicate bothie capture, where mobile device rear and front cameras trigger simultaneously:

User description

Description and tags can be associated to content: